MOBILeACCESS powered by MOBILeTY Our access control solution manages entrance and egress for doors, turnstiles, and security gates using barcodes, RFID, and magnetic readers.

Customer's Request:

Westminster Department of Public Works was looking to use an RFID system to track users of their solid waste transfer station. They needed a sticker with a barcode on the windshield of the vehicle enabling workers at the station to “zap” the sticker and let that person know if the user is valid or not. This system could be tied into the Town’s records to enabling them to know if a person has sold their house and no longer lives in town.

pss MOBILeTY Solution:

pss was able to reconfigure the existing MOBILeTY RFID capability to address the needs of a fixed mount reader requirement. The MOBILeTE engine (using its validation processing) provides a look-up response, and, in conjunction with versatile hardware interface tools, provides a controlled signal to operate the gate.

Hardware Solution:

Metalcraft’s RFID Windshield Tags offer customers a more accurate and secure way to allow access into various locations like a gated community, company/corporate secured parking or even a car wash. Unlike other windshield tags on the market, the Metalcraft RFID Windshield Tag utilizes passive RFID technology offering a more economic option to the active windshield tags available.

Download product data sheet (PDF).

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