eBOOTH provides a cloud based, turnkey solution for creating, managing and producing identification tags / cards for the purpose of tracking visitors to the booths and kiosks at shows, events, conferences and meetings. The system includes the card printing tools for on-site generation, web based reporting, tracking and analytics. The system employs the vendors smart-phone for visitor tracking at the booth level. This approach eliminates the cumbersome and expensive reliance on third party "scanners" that require maintenance, inventory, hardware repairs, distribution and reclamation.

Customer's Request:

Northeast Acquirers Association was looking for a product that would accomplish the following tasks:

- Generate vendor and attendee badges
- Scan badges and capture input data
- Upload data to SaaS server

pss MOBILeTY Solution: replaces business card exchanges at tradeshows through an electronic lead generating process using a QR code and a smartphone.

Hardware Solution:

operates on Android smartphones 2.3 or higher and iPhone iOS 5.0 or higher.

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