MOBILeINSPECTION powered by MOBILeTY provides portable inspection and inventory in a turnkey solution for managing the maintenance and servicing of technical equipment.

Customer's Request:

The Northborough Fire Department wanted a system that would allow the firehouse to meet the state requirement for inspection information on the firefighters’ apparatus and reduce the time required in the manual process. The manual process was requiring a full time firefighter and due to the time involved, the inspected equipment information was inaccurate as to the state of the equipment.

pss MOBILeTY Solution:

The MOBILeINSPECTION solution delivers a real time scanning and status system for the state required firefighter apparatus, inspection, and maintenance tracking. The system provides for centrally available information on the state and status of the firefighters’ equipment, including historical information, inspection status, and maintenance details. The system achieves this goal, while reducing time and effort and increasing accuracy and information availability, by use of automatic data capture and database storage and reporting.

Hardware Solution:

The Honeywell 7800 was chosen for several reasons: Its Windows embedded handheld 6.5 OS is compatible with the MOBILeTE software. The 7800 is a rugged enterprise digital assistant (EDA) delivering multi-purpose computing, communications, and data collection, empowering workers to get the job done, regardless of location. It is IP64 rated against moisture and dust and warranted for multiple drops to a concrete surface, which is critical in a fire department environment. It weighs less than a pound and is ergonomically designed for one handed operation. The battery life is up to 12 hours, which is particularly important in scan intensive applications such as MOBILeINSPECTION.

Download product data sheet (PDF).

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